-90°C ~ -135°C Ultra Low-temp Immersion Circulator Chiller

Immersion Circulator Chiller, We can also customize the size and refrigeration methods according to our clients’ demands.

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Immersion Circulator Chiller

UIC-P Series ultra low temperature immersion chiller used single-stage compression refrigeration, high-effective mixed refrigerant ensure high-effective performance, cooling probe connected with host through hose which is lightweight and flexible. It can be used in Parylene vacuum coating, gas condensate trap , cryogenic liquid bath, or works with cold trap & liquid tank for ultra low temperature experiments. It can reach maximum temperature at -145°C, the cooling probe(coil evaporator) can be customized to meets widely requirements.

Main feature

  • The lowest temperature can reach -145°C
  • Compact design, fast and easy installation
  • Fast cooling for uninterrupted ultra-low temperature applications
  • Provides high-speed water vapor capture, effectively preventing oil and gas backflow
  • Eliminates the cost, inconvenience and danger of liquid nitrogen

Application range

  • LN replacement in cold traps Helium mass spectrometer leak detectors
  • Cryogenic baffle of flange-mounted mechanical pump
  • Ultra-low temperature cooling of small flow gas
  • Condensation and trapping of water vapor and oil and gas in small space
  • Cold focusing and thermal desorption of gas chromatograph
  • Parylene coating vacuum coating
  • Cooling of high vacuum system trap



Model Max. temp. Cooling capacity @-100°C Coil diameter (mm) Coil length (mm) Hose length (mm) Total power (W) Power supply (V/Hz) Weight (kg) Dimensions (mm)
UIC-80P -80 20 W 25 300 1400 660 220/50 57 300*550*580
UIC-100P -100 150 W 60 380 1400 860 220/50 72 440*520*930
UIC-120P -120 100 W 16 600 1400 910 220/50 78 440*520*980
UIC-135P -135 50 W 40 300 1400 970 220/50 92 500*550*1200

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