Main technical parameters

  Item FD-300F-R


Freeze-drying area 3.16m2
Layers of shelf 7+1
Temperature scope of shelf -50℃-+70℃ (no-load)
Shelf temperature error ±1℃ (in balance)
Shelf spacing 80mm
Size of shelf 500mm*900mm
Condenser Min. Temperature of condenser ≤-70℃ (no-load)
Water-capture capability >60Kg
Liquid material 31L(Material thickness10mm)
 Defrosting Water soaking
Final Vacuum degree ≤ 5Pa
Style of cooling Fan cooling
Main functions Manual + Auto Control Mode, Sensor calibration, Intelligent temperature control, Freeze drying termination reminding and other functions are available.

Technical parameters table

 Main configuration
  Shelf effective area 3.15 m2
  Shelf size 500mm × 900mm
  Shelf numbers 7+1(Strata radiatum )Top shelf as temperature compensating plate
  Material number plate 14Set
  Shelf spacing 80 mm
  Shelf temperature range -50℃~+70℃ (no-load)
  Min. condenser temp. ≤ -75℃  (no-load)
  System final vacuum degree ≤ 5Pa
Basic configuration
  Installation Power MAX 15KW    (Not actual working power)
 Shape and other parts
  Dimension(mm) About 1200x2300x1700mm, L*W*H
  Weight(Kg)  About 1500
  Noise ≤ 80dB
  Electrical system Ground protection
  Design, production, installation standards As GMP ,GB/T522 6.1-1996 national standards
  Whole machine test Test, checking data, method, and equipment support
 Drying chamber components
  Shape Rectangular
  Roughness of inner wall Ra ≤ 0.6μm
  Opening direction Clockwise or anticlockwise (overlooking ,user confirm)
  Chamber material AISI 304  stainless steel
 Door material ACRYLIC
  Working temperature ≥ 70℃
  Thermal insulation material Polyurethane foam
 Shelf components
Shelf material AISI 304  Top and bottom plate thickness 5mm
Shelf structure AISI 304 stainless steel(Patent No. :ZL201020237059.X)
  Roughness of shelf Ra ≤ 0.6 μm
  Flatness: ≤ ±0.5mm / m
  Effective shelf size 500mm×900 mm
  Amount of shelf: 7+1
  Effective area of shelf: 3.15m2
Shelf spacing  80 mm
  Temperature decreasing rate +20℃ down to -40℃/ within 60 min, (no-load, entrance of silicon oil )
  Temperature elevating rate -40℃ up to +20℃/ within 60 min, (no-load, entrance of silicon oil )
Shelf lowest temperature ≤ -50℃ (no-load, entrance of silicon oil )
  Shelf highest temperature ≥ +70℃

(no-load, entrance of silicon oil )

  Shelf temperature error ≤ ±1℃ ( in balance )
 Condenser components
  Condenser Shape Vertical type, cylindrical

Compact structure, better water capture ,easy to clean and defrosting

Condenser material AISI 304
  Coiling pipe material AISI 304
  Condenser water capture ≥ 60Kg
  Condenser temp. Decreasing +20℃–40℃, within 30 minutes
Condenser Min. temp. ≤ -70℃
  Defrosting Water soaking
Thermal insulation material Polyurethane foam
Refrigeration system
  Refrigerator France original imported TECUMSEH full closure compressor
Refrigerant Environmental protection refrigerant
  Refrigerator number 2 sets
  Shelf refrigeration 1 sets (shelf refrigeration at same time, indirect refrigeration)
  Condenser refrigeration 1 set (shelf refrigeration at same time, direct refrigeration)
★  World famous devices are used to make sure correct, stable, safe and reliable.
  High pressure protection device When system’s air discharge pressure exceeds allowed pressure, machine automatically stops working, to avoid an accident.
  Expansion valve DANFOSS(Denmark)
  Top cover valve Castel( Italy)
  Solenoid valve DANFOSS(Denmark)
  Oil separator ZOER(Joint stock )
  High pressure controller DANFOSS(Denmark)
  Disacidify filter DANFOSS(Denmark)
  Pressure meter LR/REFCO(Germany/Swiss) oil submerge  pressure meter
  Water cooling condenser Well-known brand
 Vacuum system
Double stage rotary vane pump: ★World famous brand
  Quantity 1 set
Vacuum gauge Reborn
  Chamber pumping rate Atmosphere→10 Pa ≤30 minutes(in dry condition)
  System Maximum vacuum ≤ 5Pa
  System leaking rate ≤ 10 Pa·l / sec
 Liquid circulation system
Liquid ★ Low viscosity silicon oil( 25℃, 5cst )

National qualified product

  Liquid tubing material AISI 304, welding, heat  keeping
Circulation pump ★GRUNDFOS, original imports, web rotor canned pump

From Denmark brand, world famous brand

  Circulation pump quantity 1 set
  Heating rate 3kW
  Heating control style Solid-state relay
Stainless steel plate heat exchanger Well-known brands
  Temperature sensor PT-100 platinum resistance
 Control system
Control style Automatic and manual control
  Touch screen MCGS
  Intermediate relay CHINT
  AC contactor CHINT
  Air circuit-breaker CHINT
  Wiring terminals Well-known brands
 Safety protection
  Whole machine protection All safety conditions are ready for whole machine, machine can start running.
  Operation protection Electrical system have logic interlock, control and protection function
  Vacuum pressure Available
  Heating system Available
  Power cut and supply With safety protection measure
  Products protection during sublimation process Heat cutting if vacuum lack
  Condenser protection when vacuum pump start Interlock
 Whole machine design
  Power 3Ph+N+PE, 380V
  Installed power 15 KW (this is installed power, not running power)
  Whole machine structure Integrated structure (easy for transport and placement)
  Whole machine size Around 1.2×2.3×1.7m, L*W*H
  Whole machine weight (kg) About 1550
  Time of warranty One year after site acceptance.
  GMP documents FAT
  GMP 3Q Documents
  User manual
  Material certificate