Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor Manufacturing Device Cooling

Single chip cleaning, printing machine, automatic clamp installation equipment, spraying equipment, ion plating equipment, etching device, single-chip processing device, slicing machine, packaging machine, the temperature of the developer management, exposure device, magnetic part of the heating device, etc.

  • Laser Equipment Cooling

Laser processing, heating part of the welding machine, laser marking device, chemical reaction plant, carbon dioxide laser processing machine, etc.

  • Other Industries Cooling

Plasma welding, automatic packaging machine, mold cooling, washing machine, gold-plated groove, resin molding machine, precision grinding machine, injection molding machine of molding parts, etc.

  • Analysis Of Testing Machine Cooling:

Electronic microscope, ICP lighting light source part of the spectrum analysis device, heating part of the spectrophotometer, X-ray analytical device of heat source, automatic pulse heating part of the banner, the light source of atomic absorption spectrophotometer, etc.
CNC machine, machining center cooling of the cooling medium.


  • Saving resources; closed cycle pipeline design highly prevent circulating water pollution and extend the lifetime of circulation liquid.
  • Multi-safety protection, more reliable operation.
  • Brand compressor, cascade refrigeration cooling technologies.
  • Human design, more convenient and flexible.
  • Efficient two-condensate system.
  • Computer-cascade temperature controller, temperature figures display, adjustable unit is 0.1°C, temperature range is -25°C to room temperature,PT100 temperature sensor.
  • Use of cold technology, can guarantee the stability of temperature at low temperature.
  • Can set the temperature difference of compressor on/off.
  • Monitoring the ambient temperature, prevent temperature to be higher in the running system.
  • A variety of fault alarm (over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm, liquid level alarm).
  • Power on delay protection, three-level cascade system protectors.
  • All parts are safety grounding.
  • Adopt full closed circulation design, no water vapor at low temperature and ensure the purity of cooling medium, in case of ice crystals, provide a long time life of heat transfer liquid.
  • High-performance circulating pump, can guarantee 24 hours continuously running a day.
  • Use plate cool-heat-exchanger, heat transfer efficiency is provided.

Technical Parameters

-15°C~30°C / -25°C~30°C




-105°C ~ -60°C / -120°C ~ -70°C

-110°C ~ -150°C