• SD-2000 Vacuum Low Temperature Spray Dryer

SD-2000 Vacuum Low Temperature Spray Dryer

Why need vacuum spray dryer?
The rapid drying of heat-sensitive material has been troubling plenty of researchers. Common vacuum drying and spray drying cause great damage to biological activity or structure of material. Freeze drying has disadvantages such as long drying time and low energy efficiency. Moreover, the material after freeze drying is lumpy and needs to be smashed a second time.

What can vacuum spray dryer do?
Our company after long-term communication with researchers, realizes that low-temperature spray drying is able to solve the problems of drying of heat-sensitive material effectively. Therefore, we developed the SD-2000 low-temperature spray dryer for laboratory. The dryer not only inherits many advantages of YC-015 mini spray dryer, but also integrates the merits of vacuum drying creatively. It is capable of drying material rapidly (1 second) when the temperature of inlet air is around 50℃. The damage to activity or structure of material during drying is completely prevented. It is a convenient and safe method for drying heat-sensitive material, such as biological products (e.g. enzyme preparation and viable bacteria), extract of natural product from traditional Chinese medicine with high sugar content, heat-labile high polymer material, and material that gasifies when contacting with heat.

Controls & Functionality
SD-2000 vacuum spray dryer is designed to ensure that all functions are simple to select and adjust, to quickly achieve the optimum conditions for spray drying. Both use a clear touch screen display , the operator can control the following functions:

  • Inlet Temperature
  • Airflow Volume
  • Air compressor flow
  • Pump Speed
  • De-blocker Frequency

Easy to use 
Color Touch Screen,Fast setup and cleaning times
Scale up to pilot or industrial scale possible.
Visible process due to glass assembly
Adjustable particle size (1 – 100 microns)

Two Fluid Nozzle with SUS316L stainless steel 
The stainless steel spray assembly consists of an inner tube for the liquid sample leading to a small diameter jet. An outer tube directs compressed air to the nozzle. All units are supplied with 0.7mm jets, other sizes are available as accessories. The spray assembly incorporates an automatic de-blocking device that prevents the jet nozzle from becoming blocked, the de-blocking needle is activated by an integral compressor. De-blocker is sometimes necessary with materials which may solidify or when large particles in suspension cause blockages in the jet.

Temperature protection  The heater has an extreme high temperature when experiment finished, which needs air blower to continue working in order to reduce the inside temperature and ensure the safety of equipment, SD-2000 spray dryer can control air blower running automatically, even the operator wants to turn off the air blower, the system would prevent the operator until the temperature of system reduce to the default security state of system ;

SUS 304 stainless steel   Spray chamber, cyclone separator, collector are all made of SUS 304 stainless steel . It can work in a no-pollution and stable environment, and sight glass equipped so  the whole process can be inspected. All the spare parts are easy to install and clean.

Trusted by the users  Over 1,500 domestic customers of top universities, enterprises and research institutes use our mini spray dryer. And exported to more than 40 countries & regions such as the United States, Italy, South Korea, Mexico,Singapore, Canada, Malaysia, Chile and Russia etc.

Wide range of applications
SD-2000 vacuum spray dryer can be used in a wide range of applications where the production of a free-flowing powder sample is required.This technique has successfully processed materials in the following areas:

  • Oxide • Blood • Polymers and Resins
  • Beverages • Flavours & Colourings
  • Milk & Egg Products • Plant & Vegetable Extracts
  • Pharmaceuticals • Heat Sensitive Materials
  • Plastics • Perfumes • Dyestuffs
  • Ceramics & Advanced Materials
  • Soaps & Detergents •Textiles
  • Foodstuffs • Adhesives
  • Bones, Teeth & Tooth Amalgam and many others



SD-2000 vacuum spray dryer


7KW,380V,50/60 Hz

Evaporating Capacity

1000~1500ml/h for water

mini. Input temperature


Heater power


Spray gas

4.2mᶟ/h, 2-5bar

Nozzle jet

0.7mm standard/(0.5/0.75/1.0/1.5/2.0mm available)

Nozzle type

Two fluid nozzle

Possible particle size range


Operation mode


Max. Sample feed


Minimum sample volume


Spray chamber material

SUS 304 Stainless steel

Inlet temperature


Cyclone separator material

SUS-304 Stainless steel

Body material

SUS-304 Stainless steel

Seal of cyclone/cylinder


Outlet temperature







7-Inch LCD display for Heat, Spray, Pump, Air pressure, de-blocker frequency

Thermal protection

Blower does not stop until temp <90⁰C



Atomizer material

SUS 316 Stainless steel


SD-2000 Vacuum Low Temperature Spray Dryer

  • Model: SD-2000

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