• Mini Spray Dryer, Lab small scale, SD-18A

SD-18A Mini lab scale spray dryer

Meticulous & stable spray drying

  • spray nozzle imported from U.S.
  • Fan imported from Taiwan
  • Schneider  & Siemens electric components
  • LCD touch display from Taiwan

Delicate design on appearance

  • Whole body spray painting process
  • Quick release design to let experiment in easy way

Siemens PLC

  • Fuzzy PID control, precise & humanity

Advanced Interface

  • Intelligent & humanity LCD interface
  • Visual touch operation, animation demo process flow
  • Inlet temperature, outlet temperature, frequency value, pricker frequency can be display and control
  • Data logging, analysis, alarm and overload protection

Real frequency converter fan

  • Frequency converter fan can be great help in particles forming, product yield and processing
  • We use real frequency wind turbine design, Delta brand inverter


Max evaporator capacity


Peristaltic pump feed rate

  0 ~ 2000ml/h

Inlet air temperature

 30 ~ 250°C ±1°C

Outlet air temperature

 30 ~ 120°C ±1°C

Dry air flow rate

 70m3/h (maximum 330m3/h), pressure 686Pa


 0.2KW/220v, frequency converter fan

Electric heater

 3.2KW/220V, 2520 special stainless steel

Temperature sensor

 PT-100, intelligent PID control

Spray system

 nozzles (U.S.), 0.7mm diameter, Two-fluid nozzle (inside mix)

Avg drying time

 1.0 ~ 1.5s

Automatic block discharging device

 0 ~ 60s adjustable

Control system

 Siemens PLC, 7’’ color touch LCD display

Electrical standard


Quick release

 Temperature meter, air piping and power supply



Power supply

 220/230V, 50 ~ 60Hz

Rate power





Mini Spray Dryer, Lab small scale, SD-18A

  • Model: SD-18A

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