Diabetic mini fridge is battery operated, was designed to provide a convenient and affordable way to keep medicines (such as insulin or other medicines that are injected) at a safe temperature during: Travel, office and Home, Vehicles and Outdoors.
1. Portable, lightweight.
2. 3 power supplies: DC12-24V, AC100~240V, 7.4V battery
3. 2~8'C under 25’C, keep insulin safe 30 days under ambient 40'C
4. LCD temp display, interchangeable between 'C and 'F
5. Antifreeze: will heat to 2’C while ambient is lower than 2’C automatically
6. Thermoelectric cooling, no Freon and liquid
7. Low power consumption, energy-saving
  • Refrigeration space 170*46*18mm
  • Dimensions (L*W*H) 187*80*68mm
  • Refrigeration temperature 2~8°C (under ambient 25°C)
  • Input /output voltage (adapter) AC100V~220V/DC9.0V
  • Output current (adapter) 2A
  • Input/output voltage (car power) DC12V-24V/DC9.0V
  • Current (vehicle power) 2A
  • Voltage (lithium battery) DC7.4V
  • Capacity (lithium battery) internal 2300mAh/external 8200mAH
  • Power rating 7.6W/DC9.0V,5.9W/DC7.4V
  • Product Net weight 540g
  • Standard packing: 1pc cooler, 1 car adaptor, 1 charger, 2 batteries, 1 portable bag.
  • Battery working time:  Battery working 12 hours under 35’C, battery is interchangeable and rechargeable.


Pocket insulin cooler, pocket refrigerator, medical cooler, thermoelectric cooler

  • Model: MPR17

Tags: pocket refrigerator, Portable insulin cold boxes, medical cooler