• 1(One) Body Mortuary Corpse Storage Refrigerator Freezer


  1. Flexible customization about product size, shape.
  2. Compressor can be placed on backside or top of refrigerator
  3. Door can be open from front or side.
  4. Refrigerant: Environmental protection R406A.
  5. Material for the product: Stainless steel for inner & outer layer, also for the trays.  Our standard configuration with the stainless steel is SS201. SS304 stainless steel and the other steel is optional.
  6. Each unit will be packed with 6 pcs strong quality universal wheel to be sure the unit is easy to move.
  7. Compressors: High quality compressor, the Germany High quality compressor is Optional, each compressor to control each chamber. 
  8. Power:  220-240V/50Hz-60Hz, back up power (UPS) can supplier according to customer’s requirement.
  9. Temperature: The temperature set-value can be adjusted at -18℃~10℃, high-accuracy computer-controlled temperature system with original binding can maintain the temperature constancy in the box at 1-5℃precisely. Big temperature display on the top of the unit. And each chamber with one control button.
  10. Nice appearance. The integrated frame door design, to be sure the door is more tidy and nice.
  11. 5 kinds of alarms systems.
  12. Safety and closed lock door design.

Main technical parameter:
The normal dimension is as follows, it can be produce according to customer’s dimension requirement.

Product model


Climate type


Temperature(factory set)


Internal size(mm W*D*H)


Exterior size(mm W*D*H)







1(One) Body Mortuary Corpse Storage Refrigerator Freezer

  • Model: MR-CP1

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