According to the opening size of the bath, constant temperature experiments can be carried in the bath, also can provide external circulation source. Inner circulation & external circulation is available.
  • Biochemical areas: Rotary evaporator, Abbe refractometer, polarimeter, atomic absorption and ICP-MS, ICP, NMR, CCD, biological fermentation tanks, chemical reactor (synthesizer) and so on.
  • Materials field: electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction, X-fluorescence, vacuum sputtering plating, vacuum coating machine, ICP etching, a variety of semiconductor devices, fatigue testing machine, chemical vapor deposition systems, atomic deposition systems.
  • Medical field: Superconducting magnetic resonance linear accelerator, CT, low magnetic field NMR, X-ray machines, microwave therapy unit, medical cold cap, cooling blankets and so on.
  • Materialized areas: lasers, magnetic fields, various molecular pump, diffusion pump, ion pump and the material field.
  • Other field which needs water cooling equipment.
  • Hermetic environmental compressor refrigeration system, CFC-free。
  • Jet circulation pump can establishment of a second thermostats field, for external machine cooling use.
  • Imported from USA of PID automatic temperature controller, resolution is 0.01°C, fitted up with a large LCD display.
  • U-shaped double circulatory system (patent) to improve temperature stability.
  • Mirror anti-aging body shell with electrostatic painting technology, quality 304 stainless steel inner material.
Safety Device:
  • Power-off protection
  • Over temperature alarm function
  • Low water level protection & alarm
  • Temperature control protection and alarm functions
  • Over-heating & over-current protection for compressor.
  • Low water level protection, anti-dry , anti-explosion for heating tube 

Technical Parameters:


Temp. Range


Temperature fluctuation








Bath Depth









  1. External PT100 temperature sensor. 
  2. 1 ~ 30 segments temperature control program, automatically, real-time display setting temperature - time program running state.
  3. RS232/485 Interface for computer connecting & ModbusRTU protocol。
  4. Built-in magnetic stirring system for Hermetic processing & no need for external stirring machine, Reduce the mixing process generated mist loss.
  5. Built-in cooling coil,for fast control of the exothermic reaction of the system


-30C ~160C Hermetic Refrigerating and Heating Circulators water/oil bath

  • Model: LLCB-3025

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