• In-Situ Vertical Freeze Dryer, FD-18S-RA Series

FD-18S automatic freeze dryer that puts the material into drying chamber and the drying process can be completed automatic, so it reduces the traditional tedious operation.

Main characteristics:

  1. LCD Display: partition board temperature curve, cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve.
  2. Can stored 32 program, each program can be set up 36segments, correct program data in computing, memorize the drying curve.
  3. The touch-screen display function keys, o operation keys, so reduce the wrong operation, improve the reliability and stability of the instrument,
  4. PID control circuit system so that more precise control accuracy.;
  5. Imported compressor, the refrigeration speed is quick and dry effect is good.

Technical indices:




Cold trap coil temperature

 <-60 ℃, -80 ℃ (optional)

 <-60 ℃, -80 ℃ (optional)




Freeze-dried area

0.18-0 .27 m2


Water harvesting capacity



Disk loading material

 1.8 liters

 0.9 liters

Material plate

 ф240mm 4 layers

 ф200mm total of 3 layers


 640 × 540 × (960 +450) (mm)

 640 × 540 × (960 +450) (mm)

Notice: The temperature of cold trap may reach -80℃according to the user’s needs.

Operating Instruction Video

In-Situ Vertical Freeze Dryer, FD-18S-RA Series

  • Model: FD-18S Auto Series