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High Precision, High temperature, low temperature, immersion, portable, industry chillers, cooling circulating bath pump, circulator thermostat, see the production line.

Circulator Thermostat

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-25 ~ +5°C Low Temperature Industry Circulation Chiller
Rapid Cooling For The Liquid, Widely Used In Petrochemical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Biochemical ..
8~25°C High Precision Industry Circulation Chiller
The high-precision, high head, high flow and high purity of circulating water system is the ideal equipment for electron microscopy, electron microprobe, sputtering instrument, X-ray machines, vacuum furnaces, coating machines, accelerators, etc.
Water-cooled screw chillers
Water cooled screw chiller with single compre..
Water Circulating Multi-purpose Vacuum Pump
CHARACTERISTICS OF USE Be suitable for the research experiment, small scale test and smal..
Multi-purpose water circulation vacuum pump
Description: We have independent intellectual property right (Patent No.: ZL02326871.9) ..
Water Circulating Multi-purpose Vacuum Pump, 180L, 300L/min
  CHARACTERISTICS OF USES: The vacuum pump is specifically developed for matching ..
25L Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, membrane pump, Teflon(PTFE)
CHARACTERISTICS OF USES: Providing vacuum condition for the processes of evaporation, di..
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, Oil-free small type
  Products Introduction Our Diaphragm Vacuum Pump has the features of continuous ..
Diaphragm Vacuum Pump –Teflon Anticorrosive, Oil-free small type
New anticorrosive pumps through Teflon treatment have been launched in market . Teflon treat..
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