• Portable immersion heating circulation pump, water thermostat

Beautiful appearance, compact size of the input heating thermostat circulator comes with heating, constant temperature, circulatory function, can be arbitrary in conjunction with a variety of sink for the bath temperature, bath volume up to 30 liters, widely used in petroleum, chemical, medicine, biochemistry, light industry, research and other areas of the water bath temperature control.


  1. Digital dual window-color display temperature
  2. Microcomputer PID control with the smart learning function, high accuracy of temperature fluctuations
  3. Full stainless steel, suitable for a variety of conditions
  4. Universal backflow mixing bath temperature uniformity
  5. Fixed flexible, special requirements can be customized
  6. Can be configured to a variety of bath
  7. Continuous or timer work, time range 0 ~ 9999 min adjustable

Technical Parameters:




Heating power

 1000 w

 1500 w

Heating Temperature RT~100°C  RT~100°C

Temp. Display Range

 -50°C ~ 100 °C

 -50~100 ℃

Temp. Accuracy

 ± 0.1 ° C

 ±0.1 ℃

Circulation flow rate

 10 L / min.

 12 L/min

Immersion depth

 70 ~ 150 mm

 70~210 mm


 W80 × T125 × H300 mm

 W80×D125×H360 mm


 AC 220V-240V 50Hz

 AC 220V-240V 50Hz




Setting Video

IC3 immersion heater setting introduce

Portable immersion heating circulation pump, water thermostat

  • Model: IC2,IC3

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