• UV Weatherability Test Chamber

Fluorescent UV resistant climate (Weatherability) chamber using fluorescent UV lamp as the light source, by simulating UV radiation and condensation in the natural sunlight to tests the material accelerated weathering to obtain material weathering results. It can simulate UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions of natural climate, by reproducing these conditions, combined into a loop, and let it complete cycles automatically.

◆ user-friendly design

  1. External and interior are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, aluminum alloy sample rack, easy to install and operate.
  2. 8 pcs of 40W UV lamp imported from U.S., lamp life up to 5000 hours.
  3. Adopt imported PLC touch screen controller (SIEMENS), easy to observe and operate.
  4. Test chamber is equipped with four irradiance sensor to achieve reproducibility, uniformity and attenuation effects of UV detection and monitoring, automatic calibration. (Standard configuration)
  5. With automatic water supply system, used return scroll type sinks drainage, which is simple and convenient, with water level display and low water level alarm function.

◆ Touch screen controller (SIEMENS)

  1. 9.7-inch touch screen, can displays a variety of data, menu-driven user interface, easy to understand, observe and operate.
  2. Irradiance, temperature, humidity, rain cycles can be set and displayed visually.
  3. Touch screen can display all control parameters and automatic fault diagnosis information.
  4. Built with kind of industry standards, also it can be customized the settings according to user requirements; (can be set 10 segments)
  5. With data processing capabilities for test data and playback process provide a strong guarantee.

◆ UV source

  1. Used United States imported 40W UV lamp, relative to other types of lamps, quality and stability, spectral power distribution will not end with the lamp decay caused by aging, service life up to 5000 hours, the benefits are more test results can be repeated, and reduce lamp replacement and reduce operating costs.
  2. Meet test standards UV lamps (UVA-340, UVB-313 source) can be optional.

◆ Irradiance automatic monitoring and control system

  1. Test chamber is equipped with four irradiance sensor to achieve reproducibility, uniformity and attenuation effects of UV detection and monitoring, automatic calibration. (Standard configuration)
  2. Standard radiation meter monitoring can be traced back to the national or international metrology organizations, to ensure the accuracy and stability of irradiance. (Optional)

◆ Sprinklers

  1. Spray uniformity adjustment: Using the manual control function of the controller observed the situation in the open state of the spray, which is regulated or replace the nozzle.
  2. Spray status monitoring: equipped with sprinklers, extreme changes in temperature and rainfall spray device simulation erosion when it rains, spray evenly.
  3. Equipped with drainage collection tray for easy tank drainage needs.
  4. Effectively simulate the sample surface rain and temperature shock aging effect.

◆ Standard
● SAE J2020 ● PREN 1062-4 ● ISO4892-3 ● ASTM G53 ● EN534 ● ISO11507
● ASTM D4587 ● ISO 11507 ● ASTM D4329 ● ASTM D5208 ● ISO 4892-3






Temp. Of black board


Temp. Fluctuation


Humidity range


Ambient temperature


Lamp type


UVA or UVB Fluorescent UV tube

Lamp power

20W/pc, 3 pcs

40W/pc, 8 pcs

Ware length range

UVA:0.7W/m2 @340nm
UVB:0.4W/ m2@313nm

UVA:0.00~0.9 W/ m2@340nm
UVB:0.00~1.0W/ m2@313nm


Automatic control of irradiance of light

Spray system

3 holes


12 holes

Sample rack size

18 pcs (70×150mm)

24 pcs (75×300mm)

Spacing between sample and lamp


Dimensions (mm) W×D×H



Circulation type

Dark, light, spray set multi-segment loop auto control

Light irradiance

Auto detection and control


220V / 50Hz




UV Weatherability Test Chamber

  • Model: LFZ-UW Series

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