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Environmental simulation test chambers (ESS Chambers) include high low temperature test, medicine stability test, salt spray corresion test, UV weathering test, aging test. It is applicable to such test as experiment and detect for high/low temperature or damp heat environment in industrial and mining enterprises as well as in laboratory and scientific research institute.

Testing Chamber

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High Low Temperature (Humidity) Test Chamber, programmable, LFZ-HL Series
LFZ-HL Series High Low Temperature (Humidity) Testing Chamber, programmable Humanized design ..
Medicine Stability Testing Chamber, MSC-TH/THL/TL series
MSC-TH/THL/TL Series medicine stability test chamber is to create an evaluation of drug failure n..
Medicine Stability Testing Chamber, Large Capacity, MSC-TH/THL Series
MSC-TH/THL series medicine stability test chamber is used to create an evaluation of drug failure..
Salt Spray Corrosion Test Chamber, LFZ-SSC series
Scope: LFZ-SSC series salt spray corrosion test chamber is suitable for testing of spare parts,..
Xenon UV Weathering Test Chamber, LFZ-XW Series
◆ user-friendly design Unique design mirror reflection system to ensure a large an..
UV Weatherability Test Chamber
Fluorescent UV resistant climate (Weatherability) test chamber using fluorescent UV lamp as the light source, by simulating UV radiation and condensation in the natural sunlight to tests the material accelerated weathering to obtain material weathering results. It can simulate UV, rain, high temperature, high humidity, condensation, darkness and other environmental conditions of natural climate, b
Aging Test Chamber
Features: ◆ user-friendly design Large-screen LCD display, multiple sets of data on o..
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