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Biotechnology products include ultrasonic homogenizer, incubator, dry oven and etc widely used in laboratory


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Dual Dry-Incubator Oven (DO-PH Series)
DO-PH series dual culturing/incubator and drying oven, having high quality, reliable characterist..
Ultrasonic Reaction kettle (Homogenizer) 1200W, 2L/hour
Description: UH-IIID Ultrasonic reactor, also known as continuous flow ultrasonic grinder, it e..
Low Temperature Biochemical Incubator/ BOD incubator LFZ-LBI Series
Application LFZ-LBI series low temperature incubators are widely used in the storage medium, se..
Programmed Biochemical Incubator/ BOD incubator, LCD controller, LFZ-BI Series
Uses Summary LFZ-BI series programmed biochemical/BOD incubator suitable for environmental prot..
Mold Incubator/ Heating & refrigerating incubator, LFZ-MI series
Applications: LFZ-MI series mold incubator is suitable for environmental protection, health and..
Illumination Light Incubator, heating & refrigerating, LFZ-ILL Series
LFZ-ILL series illumination incubator is suitable for basic research and quality inspection for R..
Artificial Climate Incubator, heating & refrigerating, illumination & humidity control, LFZ-ACI Series
LFZ-ACI series artificial climatic illumination incubator is suitable for basic research and qual..
Carbon Dioxide Incubator, CO2 Incubator, LFZ-COI Series
Uses Summary LFZ-COI series carbon dioxide (CO2) incubator is a cell, bacteria, microbes cultur..
Multi-gas Incubator (CO2, O2 & N2)
Features: CO2 gas concentration detection using advanced ultrasonic sensor for measuring ..
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