• UH-S10 Portable High-speed Homogenizer 160W

UH-S10 model High-speed homogenizer (alias: tissue-pounding machine, powder-dispersive machine), is suited to liquid mixing, emulsion, homogenization dispersion of solid powder in a liquid, animal tissue crushing and homogenization. The machine is designed to bring about a strong hydrodynamic shear effect by means of high-speed shear force and speedy dispersion so that the material inhaled from the rotor bottom can spray through the stator. The extruded shapes can suits ergonomics. It is easy to move and operate. As minimum processing capacity can increase to 0.2ml, it is solely used for mashing organization, medical diagnostics, quality supervision, micro-dispersion, emulsification and homogenization. The device is ideal for micro-sample pre-treatment.

Technical parameters
● Power: 160W
● Voltage: 220V 50/60Hz
● Speed: 8000-35000rpm
● Speed display: LCD display
● Speed mode: Stepless speed
● Capacity: 1ml-120ml
● Accessories: 10mm
● Total weight: 1Kg
● Optional accessories: working platform, container clamp, replaceable cutter (6mm, 8mm)

UH-S10 Portable High-speed Homogenizer 160W

  • Model: UH-S10

Tags: Homogenizer, Cell Pulverizer, Portable