• Automated Culture Media Preparator

Media preparation instrument uses advanced mixing technology, set up disinfection, heating, stirring and cooling steps as integration program, just need a simple control parameter settings on panel to complete. It is according to the principle of vacuum vapor high pressure will increase the boiling point, use of high-temperature steam sterilization methods to ensure the reliability of the entire experiment.


  1. Sterilization - heating - stir - mixed - cooling integration control, can set up to 9 control program
  2. High quality preparedof various types culture medium
  3. A temperature probe to measure the actual temperature of the medium ,under vacuum pressure will not produce bubbles , without draining the air
  4. Preparation of high quality , precise temperature control , with rapid heating and rapid cooling
  5. High temperature steam sterilization , ensure that the entire preparation process carried out under aseptic
  6. Magnetic stirring, to ensure medium heat evenly, uniform nutrition
  7. Using a simple one-handed operation of the on / off lid design , easy operation
  8. Good traceability data may be linked computer printing, tracking changes in the monitored temperature sterilization process , printing of the temperature curve , batch culture no., sterilization temperature, time , packing time and capacityof the medium
  9. Instrument cover designed withlock , automatic locking when temperature over 130 degrees ,make experimental environment safety
  10. Reduced pressure automatically and manualscrew
  11. Replacement vessel can disassemble and disinfection, easy to operate
  12. External connections can be directly nozzle burner disinfected ensure that the bacteria is not introduced into the vessel

More than 10 kinds of sterilizing program, and programmable
Sterilizing temperature: 90~125°C
Sampling temperature: RT~80°C
Sterilizing time: 1~99 min
Working pressure: 1.2 ~1.5 bar
Start-up pressure of safety valve: 1.7 bar
Volume: 10L
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Mixing speed: 1~80 rpm
Heating power: 2000 w
Weight: 20 kg
Dimensions: 500*560*590mm

Automated Culture Media Preparator

  • Model: HMP-120