• Ultrasonic Reaction kettle (Homogenizer) 1200W, 2L/hour

UH-IIID Ultrasonic reactor, also known as continuous flow ultrasonic grinder, it enjoys complete functions, novel appearance and reliable performance. It has a large-screen display and concentrated control by a central computer. The ultrasonic gap time can be adjustable, and power range is 1-99%.  Sample temperature control and display can be set, actual frequency display, computerized tracking and automatic trouble warning, Materials using double cup design, Have access to import and export of material and cooling fluid, Can be used in conjunction with the thermostat bath, Cup and horn materials received by live, Convenient handling, when processing volume is small can remove the material cup grinder to use as a conventional ultrasonic.

Main Technical Parameters:
• Frequency: 20KHz
• Power: 1200W(1600W, 1800W, 2200W optional)
• Processing Volume: 2L-∞/hour
• Duty Ratio: 0.1-99.9%
• Supply: 220V/110V  50Hz/60Hz(optional)
• Others: supply switch, adjustable power promise, Data set with a saving of 50 group, Tip head design, Use cost-benefit.  

Ultrasonic Reaction kettle (Homogenizer) 1200W, 2L/hour

  • Model: UH-IIID

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