• Industry Ultrasonic Homogenizer/ Sonicator, 2400W 15KHz

UH-08 Ultrasonic knife homogenizer used in industry is a new equipment, which our foundation developed in the experimental device, Preparation of nano-materials to meet and strengthen the ultrasonic cleaning, dealing with fungi, such as for pilot plant. Units designed for high-power homogenizer, Microcomputer control circuit, arbitrary control functions, With overload protection, clear and bright the display device, the manufacturer is the best broken equipment.

Main Technical Parameters:
• Voltage: 220V 50Hz
• Frequency: 15 KHz
• Power: 2400W
• Time setting:
(1) Ultrasonic Time Setting: 0.5-99sec
(2) Gap Time Setting: 0.5-99sec
(3) Total Time Setting:0.1-99min
• Duty ratio: 0.3%-99.7%
• Diameter: 38mm
• Dimensions: 400*400*770mm
Note: the coolant circulation system is optional

Industry Ultrasonic Homogenizer/ Sonicator, 2400W 15KHz

  • Model: UH-08

Tags: Cell Crusher, High Pressure, Ultrasonic Homogenizer, sonicator