• Automated Medium Dispenser

HMD120 Automated media dispenser using microcomputer control system, with multiple motors and other advanced packaging technology for medium stacked automatically. The entire packaging process more accurate and intelligent packaging procedures for storage. Great to meet a lot of media fully automatic packaging requirements, procedures simple to set up, easy to operate, a peristaltic pump to inject medium volume accurately, saving a lot of manpower and resources.


  1. Parameters setting aresimple and intuitive, easy to operate, after the setup process all is automatically.
  2. using a peristaltic pump designed to precisely inject liquid medium, the maximum amount of 30mL injection fluid to prevent cross-infection
  3. Unique design allows easy loading and unloading the dish, support kinds of different specifications dish, quantity can be adjustable, can handle up to 126 Petri dishes
  4. Dish and the turntable can disassemble for cleaning and disinfection
  5. With oscillating function allows smoother and more uniform distribution medium
  6. Only exposed into air10S of samples, use ultraviolet light disinfection, ensure that the entire process without any other bacteria.
  7. Dispensing process can be suspended
  8. Alarm reminder when operation is completed

Diameter ofdish: 90mm
Dispensing speed: 360dish/h
Quantity of dish: 120 pcs * 2L medium
Power: 350W
Dimensions: 470*340*688mm

Automated Medium Dispenser

  • Model: HMD-120